A small agency doing big things.

We connect consumers with brands. We believe that brands are living, breathing organisms and like all living things, they require contact with the surrounding world to succeed. For us, that interaction comes in the form of good old fashioned human interaction. When you hire CWG, you hire dedicated marketing professionals with a focus on understanding your key objectives and communicating them to the world. From digital to traditional, we’ve developed and executed strategies that time and time again have beat expectations. As a small interactive agency we consider ourselves rebels and pioneers. We challenge the status quo and focus on delivering our clients a personalized experience in a boutique setting. We have an open door policy and encourage our clients to bring all of their ideas to the table. We’re not afraid of working with start ups, small busineses, or radical ideas. In fact, we prefer to work with the next generation of passionate business leaders driving innovation and progress. Yes, we’re a small agency – but we’re doing some very big things!

We’re different, and that’s good.

Ever feel like your overall marketing budget directly correlates to the level of attention and quality you receive from your existing agency? Or do you feel like your current interactive agency keeps pushing you down marketing paths that they specialize in, even if it’s not right for your business? We founded our interactive agency on doing things differently. After years of working in the advertising & marketing industry for Fortune level companies we realized one universal truth in advertising. It’s tough for the small guy to get a fair shake. And we aimed to change that. Our philosophy is simple… do what’s right by our customer. We don’t simply take the easy route. We don’t charge outrageous retainers or require long term contracts. We stand by our body of work, and figure if you’re happy and your customers are happy, that equates to job security for us. Doing the right thing might be a different concept, but it’s one we think you deserve.