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Social Engagement

Increase Engagement in Social Media

Increase Engagement by Remaining Relevant Do you want more engagement on your business social media pages? Do you find that your posts aren’t being seen by the fans you do have? One of the most important factors in achieving social success is to stay engaged with your fans and followers by remaining relevant.  Your business […]

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Red Water, Blue Water & Search Marketing

If you’ve been in the small business marketing game long enough, you’re bound to come by the term “red water – blue water.” The Red Water At the core of the expression is the idea that everyone wants to catch the most fish and as a result most companies end up all hunting in the same pool […]

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The Key to Beating Google’s Next Algorithm Change

If you’ve been reading my blog, or follow what’s new in the world of Google you’ve probably stumbled upon a recent revelation by Google’s Matt Cutts stating that Google is at this very moment in the process of updating their algorithm to potentially penalize over-optimized websites. The side note introduced at a Q&A session at […]

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