Suggested Retail $299 $399 $599 $799 $999
Social Media Setup Call
Platforms Created (based on your target audience) 2 2 2 3 4
Additional Pages (per month) $99 $99 $99 $99 $99
Company Contact Information (e.g. Address, Email, Phone)
Link to Company Website
Company Bio
Cover Photo
Business Information (e.g. Industry, Products, Services, Size)
Company Logo
General Customer Support
Social Engagement Resources
Reporting Platform**
Weekly Curated Social Posts (per week)* 3 3 3 5 7
Facebook Ads (per month) ** $30 $100 $150 $200
Company Page Maintenance
Social Reputation Management
Dedicated Account Manager Support
Branded Social Posts (per month)* 4 10
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Social Media Feature Glossary

Campaign Setup

Social Media Setup Call

A social media specialist will walk you through the page creation process and establish your campaign goals and strategies.

Platforms Created

Not every social platform is right for your business. We determine based on our Social Media Setup Call where your target audience is and suggest the platforms to target based on that. In order to complete your campaign setup you will need to provide us access to each of your pages if they are already built.

Additional Pages

Based on the social package you select you will receive a certain number of platforms to be managed. You can add additional platforms for a low price of $99 per month.

Campaign Setup

Social Page Optimization

We will optimize your business pages to best represent your business. This includes implementing a company bio, cover photo, company logo, link to your website, and phone number.

Ongoing Service Features

General Customer Support

Our customer support team is available to you via email for any support, questions, or issues.

Reporting Platform

Your once a month social reporting will include social metrics, such as: likes, shares, impressions, & reach.

Curated Social Posts (Per Week)

We find trending and engaging content related to your industry to share with your social audience. Once your page setup is complete, we will deliver these posts to you biweekly. You will be given two days to review and make suggestions before they go live.

Facebook Ads (Per Month)

Facebook ads will help build brand awareness through impressions as well as drive additional traffic to your Facebook page. Your Facebook ad monthly budget is based on the program you have selected.

Company Page Maintenance

You can request to have any page information updated.

Social Reputation Management

It is important to engage with those who comment on your page. We will monitor engagement on your pages, respond to questions, and manage any negative feedback turning potentially unsatisfied customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Dedicated Account Manager Support

You’ll enjoy personal access to a social media specialist who is assigned to your account and knows your campaign history and needs.

Branded Social posts (Per Month)

We create monthly posts that are specific to your business, such as: quotes, promotions, website links, blog links, and company photos.