Titanium Healthcare

At CWG we thrive in helping start ups create a memorable and lasting impression. Which is why the leadership team at Titanium Healthcare came to us to first. CWG worked closely with the team at Titanium to identify the traits and qualities the company wanted to convey and then went to work crafting a professional and ground breaking corporate identity package that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

The branding experts at CWG designed an exciting logo that we dubbed the “healing angel”. Our goal was to blend traditional symbolism associated with healthcare with a cutting edge and futuristic design concept. The finished product consisted of the traditional caduceus (a symbol of medical practice for the past 200 years) sitting a top a stylized T (representing the company name “Titanium”), and a three sided triangle (a traditional symbol of energy and healing) representing the three major areas of the companies focus. The font type was carefully developed and chosen to compliment the logo and reinforce Titanium’s position as a thought leader and innovator in the healthcare field.

CWG then created complimentary letterhead, business cards, and corporate identity documents to further strengthen Titanium’s branding and position the company with a strong and immediate presence in the field.

The team at Titanium wanted to carry their beliefs surrounding ‘innovation’ and ‘technology’ into their web presence. The one thing Titanium was clear on from the beginning was they did not want a traditional two column website. Our team was able to create a groundbreaking design that blended the personality and objectives of the company with modern design and capabilities to give Titanium an unrivaled website in the industry.

CWG created a number of print assets and marketing collateral for Titanium Healthcare as part of this project. CWG developed bifold and trifold brochures, sales sheets, branded prescription pads and promotional goods, to name a few.

The end result was a complete branding package that allowed Titanium Healthcare to hit the ground running and immediately approach providers, payors, and patients with a comprehensive depository of resources and tools. CWG was given free reign on this project and asked to push the boundaries of both our capabilities and challenge conventional standards in the industry. The result was a breath taking corporate identity campaign that blew the client away and made waves through the pharmaceutical industry.

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