Increase Engagement in Social Media

Increase Engagement by Remaining Relevant

Do you want more engagement on your business social media pages? Do you find that your posts aren’t being seen by the fans you do have? One of the most important factors in achieving social success is to stay engaged with your fans and followers by remaining relevant. 

Social EngagementYour business page can stay relevant to existing and new fans by being in line with your brand. Make sure to keep your fans updated with your current promotions, new products or upcoming activities that your business will hold or participate in. Make sure to interact with your fans through your posts, reply to messages and interact through comments or tweets. By interacting with those who engage with your brand online you create a sense of trust and develop a relationship with your fan base.

Sharing articles, news and updates related to your business is also one way of staying relevant. Not only that you will inspire your existing fans, you will also have access to reaching new fans who shares the same interest. Follow the people who are in the same industry as your business this way you can show that you don’t just care about your brand but you also belong and participate in a community. In addition this allows you to see what’s happening within your industry plus you can keep an eye on the competition.

Incorporating holidays to your posts also garner more engagement with your existing and future fans. Social users like to engage with what’s trending and holidays and current events always seem to fit the mold. Not only that you can post about the Holiday or current event, but you can incorporate your brand into it. You can have a giveaway or a contest for everybody to get involved. You can get very creative and make sure you take the Holiday or current event as an opportunity to reach more fans as possible.

Social RelevancyFor example, the CWG Digital team created a social campaign around the 2014 Super Bowl to raise money for a non-profit client. Since “deflate gate” was the trending topic of the time we included that into our campaign, “help #deflate childhood cancer” which raised over $3,000 in a matter of a few days and drove new fans who were searching for the #deflategate and found our campaign trending with the news.  

Another example is to post a branded picture wishing your audience a happy holiday or remembrance on days like Labor Day or Memorial Day. Your fans will engage by liking, sharing and commenting, ultimately increasing the engagement because your audience can relate, but also promoting your brand to new potential customers and garner new fans. However, when your piggybacking off a trending topic make sure you do it with class. If you try and use a tragedy to boost your business you will not only run into a potential PR nightmare but also lose the respect of the fans you’ve worked so hard to build.

Being active in social media is one way of showing your fans that you are engaged with them, start a conversation, leave no unanswered questions on your page and make sure you acknowledge and appreciate them. Engaging with your target audience takes an effort but if you focus on what works for your business then it will be all worth it.

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