Christian Bale Listens to the Social Cry – The Power of Social Media

Social media can be very influential in both positive and negative fashions. Think about it, how else can you potentially reach and rally 800 million people with one post? Most recently we have seen the power of social media in the news with the unfortunate tragedy that occurred in Colorado. Following the shooting an online campaign was started urging the Batman movie superstar Christian Bale to go and visit those who were wounded in the hospital in attempt to raise their spirits and give hope to those who have lost faith.

The Facebook post was started by a girl named Emily Sanchez who was simply reaching out to her friends stating “They need to know that heroes can be real too, not just the bad guys” and asking for their support to try and influence the actor to visit the victims proving heroes do exist. Since then her post went viral with a petition then leading to Twitter followers urging the actor to put on his costume and jump on the next plane. The petition has 186 signatures as of this evening, however the post reached hundreds of thousands.

Here is the Facebook post that started it all:
FB Batman Post Thumbnail
Here are a few of the Twitter comments:

“What a great idea. Christian Bale, are you listening?”

“It would be awesome if Christian Bale visited the victims of the Aurora shooting. I hope he does it.”

“Be a hero, Christian! These victims are fighting for survival and [you are] the only one that can save them.”

Who knows if he or his PR people had already thought about doing this, but the cries of the public were obviously heard as the actor appeared at the hospital and memorial on Tuesday spending a few hours with the victims, families, medical staff and first responders. Reports say that Bale was there on behalf of himself and not Warner Brothers

After the visit, the news that he followed through went viral as well with pictures of he and his wife, as well as pictures of him with the victims all the while the community is shouting “we did it guys” and “we can make a difference, one post at a time.”

Whether or not you feel this post was in good taste or bad, the proof is in the pudding. Social media can make an impact.