Facebook Fun Changes – Custom Privacy Option

Facebook is the world’s largest social network with over 900 million users as of May 2012.  With that many users there is no way that the media giant can keep everyone happy, but there are some recent changes that seem to be making an impact, especially the ones that mimic some of the most popular options that Google+ already has.

First off, one of the most raved about applications that Google+ has to offer is the targeted sharing option. What this means is that you can create small groups called circles and then pick and choose who has the ability to see your posts. Facebook has now added the option too which they call their custom privacy option. You can now categorize your friends into different lists and then choose who will see your posts.

In order to do so your first step is to write your post. Next to the “post” button you should see an option that says “Public.” You should see a drop down arrow which allows you to select different options of who you want your post to be seen by.

Public means “If you’re comfortable making something you share open to anyone on the internet, you can choose Public from the audience selector before you post. Public includes people who are not your friends on Facebook and people who are not in your school or work networks.”

Friends are the people you have selected to include in your network. If you tag someone in your post remember that their friends will be able to see the post as well, so if you do not want people you may not know seeing what you are posting then make sure not to tag others. “If you don’t want your photo or post to be visible to the friends of the person you tagged, you can adjust this setting. Simply click on the audience selector next to the story, select Custom, and uncheck the Friends of those tagged box.”

The next option is Friends Except Acquaintances. In order to exclude Acquaintances you must actually filter your friends and mark those who you consider only acquaintances.

Following that is the Only Me custom option. This is pretty much exactly that – there may be posts that you do not want others to see, but you want to keep it in your “file” again you must remember that you tag others in your only me post, they will see the post as well as their friend group.

Lastly is the custom option which is our personal favorite. This is the option that allows you to make the post public to everyone on your list if you so choose, but you can exclude certain individuals. Say you want to plan a surprise party for a friend, or you just invited to an interview but you don’t want your current boss to see, you can exclude those individuals from your post.
Facebook Privacy Settings

Remember though that if you customize who your posts go to once, you need to change it back for the next post otherwise it will keep the same settings.

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