Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups – Which One is Right For You?

Do you understand the difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups?

The great thing about Facebook is that businesses and organizations can utilize this free tool for multiple purposes within the company and the benefits are vast. So what do you use for your social media marketing? Should you create a page or a group? Here is some quick information from the Social Media Consultants at Cook Wheelwright Group that may help you decide.

Facebook Profiles are personal profiles that we use in order to “get social” and reach out to the world. The Facebook Profile should not be used to brand a business as there are limitations that a Facebook Profile has which would not be beneficial for the purposes of brand marketing.

Facebook Pages are or at least should be used to brand a company, individual, event or idea online. With a Facebook page the user has to like your page in order to follow the conversations or posts that happen on your page. Typically conversations do not happen between the brand organization and the user other than a few comments. The purpose of a Facebook Brand Page is to deliver messages to the public. Now the public has the option to choose to add your posts to their feed so the messages have to be interesting enough for the users to follow what you have to say.

Often Facebook Pages are gone to for information about a company, person or event. Companies are offering their Facebook Page as the go to location on their advertising campaigns because it is the easiest and fastest way to keep up-to-date information fed to their fans.

Facebook Groups on the other hand are intended for a more interpersonal relationship with the user base. Groups are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common views, interests or to express their opinion. Groups can be made to share and support other local businesses like the Small Business Facebook Group which is intended to bring small businesses together under a group setting where they can communicate with each other and share in order to help each other develop and grow their small businesses.
FB Pages vs. Groups

can also be for members of a church where the members require administrator approval in order to keep it congregation members only. The same can be done for an athletic team or a team of employees who may be scattered amongst different states or they may be used as a support method for groups of individuals struggling with the same ailments.

What ever the purpose, Facebook has made it easy to find a reason to get social. Just remember to think through the purpose of your social campaign before you create the page. Contact Cook Wheelwright Group, Inc. if you need suggestions on what to do or require assistance!